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Best Practices: Dressing smartly

Smiling letter carrier stands next to delivery vehicle
Los Angeles Letter Carrier Miguel Leon helps USPS protect its brand by dressing appropriately for work.

Miguel Leon was taught from an early age that it’s important to look your best, especially at work.

Leon, a Los Angeles letter carrier, believes that employees should wear proper uniforms and accessories when interacting with customers.

“You are representing the Postal Service. It’s always good to look professional,” he says.

For Leon, an 11-year USPS employee, this includes always carrying his scanner and wearing a belt with his shirt tucked in.

The Postal Service wants employees to wear their uniforms properly. The organization recently published uniform guidelines, part of broader efforts to promote and protect the USPS brand and provide customers with excellent experiences, a core strategy.

Leon offers three tips for his fellow employees:

• Respect the brand. “If this were your company, you would want your employees to look nice and sharp every single day, too,” he says.

• Choose proper footwear. Your shoes are an important part of your uniform, and they can help you on your route. “I wear boots that support my ankles and that have a good grip on the street surface.”

• Wear your badge at all times. The customer should be able to identity you. “You also never know when postal inspectors or other authorities may need to know who you are.”

Leon reminds his colleagues that customer service is an important part of promoting the brand, too.

“Always greet your customers and be polite,” he says. “It can make someone’s day.”

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