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Coral Reefs

Postcard stamps to debut March 29

Stamps showing illustrations of aquatic life swimming near corals
The Coral Reefs stamps feature colorful, highly stylized digital portraits of stony corals and reef fish.

The Postal Service will release its Coral Reefs postcard stamps Friday, March 29.

Coral reefs are one of the world’s most important ecosystems, sheltering and sustaining about a quarter of all ocean species.

The reefs are formed over thousands of years, mainly by colonies of animals called polyps. These creatures make stony corals, the foundation for most coral reefs, by secreting protective skeletons of limestone.

As these skeletons accumulate over time — with new colonies of polyps growing on top of the skeletons of older ones — they build up the base of coral reefs.

The Coral Reefs stamps feature highly stylized digital portraits that depict four types of stony corals and associated reef fish:

  • Elkhorn coral and two French angelfish
  • Brain coral and a spotted moray eel
  • Staghorn coral and bluestriped grunts
  • Pillar coral and a coney grouper and neon gobies

Ethel Kessler, a USPS art director, designed the stamps. Tyler Lang created the stamp art.

The word “Postcard” printed on the stamps indicates their usage value. Like a Forever stamp, these stamps will always be valid for the rate printed on them.

The stamps will be available at Post Offices and

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