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Snow man

Smiling letter carrier holds vintage postal logo
Pocatello, ID, Letter Carrier Brett Hochhalter

Residents of Pocatello, ID, were hit with a surprise snowstorm one day last month, but they weren’t surprised that Letter Carrier Brett Hochhalter stepped up to help them cope.

After completing his longtime 50-block route near Idaho State University, Hochhalter grabbed a snow shovel and cleared sidewalks, as well as several driveways.

“Nobody knew we were going to get four to five inches of snow today,” Hochhalter told the Idaho State Journal. “I get pretty tired trudging through the snow. And while it’s not part of my job description, at the end of the day it’s worth it.”

The Postal Service employee is known for shoveling snow for older customers and others.

“I take care of the ones who can’t do it themselves,” he said. “This helps everybody.”

Pocatello Postmaster Elizabeth Snow (no relation to the precipitation) calls Hochhalter “a good carrier who comes to work with a positive attitude.”

He is “always willing to go above and beyond for the community,” she added.

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