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Risk reduction

MIRT tracks hazardous material incidents

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USPS employees can use the Mailpiece Incident Report Tool to report leaks or spills in the mailstream.

The Postal Inspection Service wants USPS employees to know about an online tool that makes it easier to track hazardous material incidents within the postal network.

The Mailpiece Incident Report Tool (MIRT) is a data repository for reporting leaks and spills, as well as hazardous material incidents at Postal Service facilities.

MIRT must be used to report:

  • Nonmailable mailpieces identified in the mailstream
  • Mailpieces rejected by air carriers
  • Spills or leaks from mailpieces that result in injury, illness, property damage or disruption to operations

The data collected in MIRT can be used to monitor trends and inform policy decisions. This critical information can also be used to educate customers and USPS employees on how to improve safety and reduce hazardous material incidents.

Employees who have questions can contact their local Postal Inspection Service homeland security coordinator listed under the Directory tab on the Transportation/Aviation Mail Security Blue page.

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