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Students thanked for sending military mail

Fifth-grade pose with U.S. Navy Capt.
U.S. Navy Capt. Kertreck Brooks, left, stands with fifth-grade students at Beulah Elementary School in Pensacola, FL. Brooks visited the school recently to thank the class for writing to naval recruits in Great Lakes, IL. Image: U.S. Navy

A Pensacola, FL, fifth-grade class is using the mail to show their appreciation to members of the armed forces.

The Beulah Elementary School students regularly write letters to U.S. Navy recruits undergoing basic training in Great Lakes, Ill.

In each letter, the students share information about themselves, express their support for the recruits and ask questions about basic training. Each letter concludes with two jokes that aim to make the recruits smile.

Capt. Kertreck Brooks recently visited the school to thank the students for their participation in the writing project, which began last year.

“It’s important for me to express my appreciation to the students for their participation and thoughtfulness towards the Navy recruits,” he said.

Brooks also explained the importance of mail to members of the military, especially recruits.

“Upon arrival, all recruits are allowed to make one final phone call home to their family, then all of their personal belongings — including their cell phones — are boxed up and mailed home,” said Brooks. “The only form of communication left is through mail, which makes mail call a special event for recruits.”

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