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California driving

USPS tests electric delivery vans

Zero-emissions delivery step van
This vehicle is one of 15 zero-emissions delivery step vans that USPS is testing in California.

The Postal Service is testing delivery vehicles in California that produce no emissions, part of a statewide program to cut pollution and strengthen the environment.

USPS will use 15 zero-emissions delivery step vans and charging stations in Fresno and Stockton.

The electric vans will cover routes of up to 75 miles per day during a period of 6-10 hours — just like their conventional 2-ton vehicle counterparts. In addition to having a positive ecological effect, this initiative, if implemented, is expected to help the Postal Service save on fuel costs.

Like the USPS Next Generation Delivery Vehicles initiative, the no-emissions vehicle test is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to innovate and invest in the future, two core strategies for the organization.

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