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Lucky finds

Employee has hundreds of four-leaf clovers

Oceanport, NJ, Retail Associate Cathy Doran
Oceanport, NJ, Retail Associate Cathy Doran holds two of the many four-leaf clovers she has collected over the years.

Cathy Doran likes to keep a few four-leaf clovers with her at work.

The retail associate at the Oceanport, NJ, Post Office is a bit famous now for her clover collection ever since the local newspaper published a story about her last March.

Doran found her first four-leaf clover back in the 1980s, when she used to take her horse out to graze.

“I would find four-leaf clovers, but then I would feed them to my horse,” she said.

But in the past five years, Doran has kept her four-leafed findings — which now number in the hundreds — and pressed them inside books.

“I always kept one on my monitor up front. I had a customer come in and notice it. She asked if it was real. We got to talking because she didn’t think four-leaf clovers were real,” Doran said.

Now she keeps a few on hand at work in case any customers ask for one or tell her they need one.

“I gave one to a customer who was going to have brain surgery,” Doran said. “She asked for one because she was a bit afraid because of how complicated and dangerous the operation was going to be.”

Both three- and four-leaf clovers are popular symbols associated with St. Patrick’s Day, which is March 17.

“I am Irish and Scottish. We always celebrate St. Patrick’s Day,” Doran said. “I like corned beef and cabbage.”

Experts says the odds of finding a four-leaf clover are 1 in 10,000. But how has Doran found so many?

“I usually get a feeling when one is there,” she said. “And then I look down, and I’ll find one.”

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