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Bicentennial celebration

Video shows Alabama stamp ceremony

The Postal Service showcases the recent Alabama Statehood stamp dedication ceremony in a new video.

“Today, we are celebrating the writing of the constitution for the state of Alabama,” Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle says in the video. “That constitution led to the formation of a state. That state led to great things.”

The stamp, the latest entry in the Postal Service’s Statehood series, marks Alabama’s 200th anniversary. The dedication ceremony was held last month in Huntsville, part of a yearlong celebration of the state’s bicentennial.

The 1-minute video also features comments from Isaac Cronkhite, the Postal Service’s acting chief human resources officer, who led the dedication ceremony.

“Since becoming America’s 22nd state, Alabama has built a rich history grounded in the diversity, tradition and hard work of its people, as well as the natural beauty and wonderment of this land,” Cronkhite says.

The stamp, which features an image of a sunset in an Alabama state park, is available at Post Offices and

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