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Posters help workers learn about engagement

Employee Engagement time clock poster
The Employee Engagement time clock posters highlight themes like ensuring workers understand their opinions matter.

It’s always time for engagement in the Postal Service.


USPS facilities across the nation are hanging posters near time clocks to help workers learn about the principles of engagement, a term that refers to employees’ involvement, enthusiasm and positive contributions to their organization.

The posters also explain how engaged employees thrive in the workplace.

“We’re asking managers to place the posters near time clocks because the majority of our workforce use those clocks at least twice a day,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams.

Boosting employee engagement is a core USPS strategy. Research shows engaged employees work safer, have better attendance rates and provide better customer service.

The Employee Engagement team began including the posters twice a month in Engage Weekly, a newsletter that is mailed to employees with ACE computer accounts.

Managers and supervisors are asked to print and display the posters, which highlight themes like the importance of recognizing employees and making sure they understand their opinions matter.

“The time clock is the best place for the posters because everyone goes past it,” said Bryon Suski, a customer services supervisor at the Lents Delivery Carrier Unit in Portland, OR, who placed the first poster in a frame to help it stand out.

Teresa Minton, a business support agent at the Customer Retention Center in Dayton, OH, and a 32-year USPS employee, said the time clock posters are giving her something new to think about.

“We talk about engagement all of the time. We talk about anything we can improve on or things that our agents have researched and found that would be helpful to the team,” Minton said. “This is a huge ‘lean-on-me’ department.”

Employees seeking additional information on the posters can send an email to

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