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Desert beauty

Video highlights Cactus Flowers event

The dedication ceremony for the Cactus Flowers stamps is featured in a new Postal Service video.

The stamps feature 10 bold images of white, red, pink, orange and yellow cactus flowers in bloom.

“These images will go around the world in the weeks to come and introduce people to a very important and beautiful aspect of Americana,” John Schaefer, a photographer whose images appear on the stamps, says in the video.

The 1-minute production also features comments from Scott English, executive director of the American Philatelic Society; Kenneth Schutz, executive director of the Desert Botanical Garden, where the ceremony was held last month; and William Gicker, the USPS Stamp Services acting director.

The Cactus Flowers stamps are available in booklets of 20, with each image featured twice, at Post Offices and

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