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Video shows Gregory Hines stamp event

Video of Gregory Hines stamp ceremony

Highlights from the recent Gregory Hines stamp dedication ceremony are featured in a new video from the Postal Service.

“Gregory Hines made the world feel good,” Maud Arnold, a dancer and choreographer, says during the video. “When you say his name to anybody — no matter where you are in the world — they respond with a smile.”

The stamp, part of the Black Heritage series, honors a performer (1946-2003) whose unique style exposed new audiences to tap dancing and renewed interest in the art form.

“Gregory Hines means so much to tap dance, so much to me, so much to New York. He was a champion for this art form [as well as] this community, and for his family,” Jason Samuels Smith, another dancer and choreographer, says.

The video also features comments from Maurice Hines, Gregory’s brother, and Daria Hines, Gregory’s daughter; Dianne Walker, a dancer, choreographer and singer; and Acting Chief Postal Inspector Gary Barksdale, who led the ceremony.

USPS held the event last month in New York City.

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