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Buffalo, NY, Business Mail Technician Jack Harzynski

Buffalo, NY, Business Mail Technician Jack Harzynski was recently delivering newspapers while off duty when he spotted a police officer in trouble alongside a road.

A man had tackled Wyoming County Sheriff Gregory Rudolph and was holding a knife to his throat.

As Harzynski pulled over, he heard Rudolph yelling desperately: “Please save me. Help!”

The Postal Service employee and another newspaper deliveryman with him safely intervened, allowing Rudolph to regain control of the situation.

“I knew I had to make a decision,” Harzynski told The Buffalo News. “I felt the guy was about to stab the cop.”

Rudolph said he feels “particularly indebted to the two gentlemen, who likewise were working and unsuspecting of how life changes and unfolds in a matter of seconds.”

He called their actions “nothing short of heroic.”

The assailant faced multiple charges resulting from the incident.

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