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All about the Benjamins

News Quiz: Remembering the week that was

How much do you remember about the quarterly financial results that USPS reported last week?

Here’s Link’s latest “News Quiz,” a weekly feature that invites readers to test their knowledge of recent stories. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. True or false: Last week, USPS reported total revenue was $21.2 billion during fiscal 2019’s first quarter (Oct. 1-Dec. 31, 2018), while total operating expenses were $19.7 billion.

a) True
b) False

2. Approximately how many Valentines’ Day cards are purchased by consumers each year?

a) 145,000
b) 1.45 million
c) 14.5 million
d) 145 million

3. Fill in the blank: The Postal Service has formed (blank), a team of employees who help the organization promote effective cybersecurity practices.

a) CyberSafe Avengers
b) CyberSafe Guardians
c) CyberSafe League
d) CyberSafe Squad

4. Why did it take Barbra Streisand 47 years to respond to Richard E. Grant’s fan letter?

a) She was busy
b) She can’t be rushed
c) She couldn’t find a stamp
d) She didn’t see the note until it appeared on social media

5. Match the employee in Column A with a fact about him or her in Column B.

Column A

a) Williamsville, NY, Postal Support Employee William Bly Jr.
b) Rochester, NY, Automotive Technician David Demanchick
c) St. Louis In-Plant Support Manager Ronda Palm
d) Kula, HI, Postmaster David Wilbur

Column B

I) Helped find two customers’ missing passports
II) Helped more than 500 customers sign up for Informed Delivery
III) Helps service about 900 USPS vehicles each year
IV) Spotted illegal drugs in a damaged package

Answers: 1) b. Total revenue was $19.7 billion and total operating expenses were $21.2 billion. 2) d. 3) b. 4) d. 5) a. IV., b. III., c. I., d. II.

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