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After the fall

Postal worker kneels beside smiling man in wheelchair
John Zahller and Broomfield, CO, Letter Carrier Amy Bezerra

Letter Carrier Amy Bezerra was recently making deliveries in Broomfield, CO, when she grew worried about an older customer, John Zahller, whose mail had piled up over several days.

When Bezerra knocked on Zahller’s door and got no answer, she checked with a neighbor, who tried unsuccessfully to reach him by phone.

Bezerra returned to Zahller’s home and asked police to check on him, at which point he opened the door — bruised, bloodied and dehydrated after a fall.

The Postal Service employee immediately called for an ambulance. An emergency room physician credited her with saving the customer’s life.

The local NBC station reported the story in a segment called “The Good Ones,” devoted to admirable public servants.

Bezerra also received a Postmaster General Heroes’ Program commendation letter in 2017 for coming to the aid of a man with Alzheimer’s disease who was lost in a Broomfield neighborhood.

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