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Keep it clean

Postal custodians take pride in work

Smiling custodian holds mop and bucket in Post Office lobby
Custodian Chris Boerman strives to keep the lobby and other areas clean at the Newark, NY, Post Office.

Keeping USPS facilities clean can be tough, but for many custodians, it’s a job they take great pride in.

“I keep the customer area clean and walkways and sidewalks shoveled and salted so customers can make their way safely to mail packages,” said Chris Boerman, who maintains the Newark, NY, Post Office. “I assist the clerks and carriers by keeping the employee areas neat, clean and organized, no matter how much chaos they are working through.”

The efforts of custodians do not go unnoticed. Surveys show that a clean workplace has a positive effect on employee health, safety, productivity and job satisfaction.

Postmaster Wendy Hodak appreciates the efforts of the Johnston, PA, Post Office custodians, including Bobby Rodkey, Barry Reynolds and Paul Lint.

“Our workroom floor actually shines and our lobby is kept clean to perfection,” she said.

The work gives many custodians a sense of ownership.

“I want my building to be attractive,” said Valerie Balbo from the Grand Island, NY, Post Office. “The customers really seem to like it and I can’t wait until this spring. I am looking forward to putting plants and flowers around the building.”

Many visitors to the office have commented on how attractive the building and grounds look since Balbo joined the team, according to Acting Customer Services Supervisor Allen Losson.

“Val does a great job,” he said. “She has good ideas and follows through with them.”

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