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On the Job: Employee helps businesses with mailings

Rio Grande District Mailing Standards Specialist Paul Baker
Rio Grande District Mailing Standards Specialist Paul Baker helps business customers understand what they can and can’t mail.

My name is Paul Baker, and I’m the mailing standards specialist for Rio Grande District. I help businesses understand what’s acceptable to mail, which allows them to better target their customers.

I also help design mailpieces and assist mailers with submitting their postal statements electronically to business mail entry units. Additionally, I help customers understand Intelligent Mail barcodes and small-business mailings.

On a typical day, I assist about 40 customers, mostly through emails and phone calls. I oversee a team of six mailing requirement clerks who cover almost 600 offices in the district.

My goal is to ensure each customer has a world-class experience. I tell my team that it’s important to have a positive attitude when working with customers. We try to solve their problems and give them the right answer the first time.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, including camping and driving in the Texas hill country. I have a stepson, Jesus, who is a flats sorter clerk at the San Antonio Processing and Distribution Center, and a stepdaughter, Eliza. We also have a 2-year-old granddaughter.

I joined the Postal Service 33 years ago. I previously served as a distribution clerk and mailing requirements clerk before landing my current job a year ago.

This has been a fulfilling career. Moving the mail at reasonable prices is important.

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