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Caught on camera

Employee’s caring service goes viral

Tacoma, WA, Letter Carrier Ronald Murphy Jr.
Tacoma, WA, Letter Carrier Ronald Murphy Jr. is getting attention for a viral video that shows him going the extra mile to deliver a package with care.

Ronald Murphy Jr. has been dubbed the “Good Guy Mailman” after a video of him carefully delivering a package went viral.

Murphy, a Tacoma, WA, letter carrier, was recently recorded on a customer’s home security video voicing his concern about leaving her package on the porch when no one was home.

“I knew the doorbell had a camera on it, so I rang it so I could let them know I had a package for them,” Murphy said, adding that recent porch thefts had occurred in the neighborhood.

The video shows Murphy speaking to the customer, who addresses him remotely.

First, he asks if she wants him to take the package back to the Post Office until she returns. She says no, so he suggests leaving the parcel out of sight in her recycling bin, and she agrees.

The 45-second clip ends with Murphy scanning the package before placing it in the bin and telling the customer to “have a great day.”

Murphy, who has been on the job for two years, says he was doing what he’d want done for him.

“I just wanted to protect their package from getting stolen,” he said.

The customer was so impressed with Murphy’s service, her husband uploaded the footage on Vimeo under the title “Good Guy Mailman.” The video quickly went viral, prompting coverage in The New York Post and other news outlets.

The letter carrier said he was just doing his job.

“I took an oath and I’m going to do my best to not put mail into danger, even if it means taking it back to the office,” Murphy said.

Leslie Green, customer services manager at the Tacoma Central Carrier Facility, said the video shows Murphy’s “true character.”

“He goes above and beyond for his customers,” she said. “He’s a very thoughtful carrier.”

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