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System owners required to complete courses

Mandatory cybersecurity courses
Employees who are “functional coordinators” for various postal systems must complete mandatory cybersecurity courses by Feb. 25.

Some Postal Service employees are required to complete two new CyberSafe at USPS courses.

The courses are mandatory for business system owners — employees who are “functional coordinators” for various postal systems, such as the Time and Attendance Collection System and VPN Access to USPS.

System owners are required to complete the courses through the HERO learning portal by Monday, Feb. 25.

Here’s an overview of the courses:

• ISEC System Owner Cyber Landscape. This course discusses how an organization’s systems can be breached, the effects of these breaches and system owners’ responsibilities for maintaining security.

• ISEC System Lifecycle Process Overview. This course provides an overview of the technical systems life cycle process and how it can detect security problems.

System owners who don’t complete the courses by the deadline will have restricted ACE system access until the courses are completed.

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