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Best Practices: Promoting, selling stamps

Jonesville, MI, Retail Associate Kiersten Bauldry-Williams
Jonesville, MI, Retail Associate Kiersten Bauldry-Williams takes pride in promoting the Postal Service’s stamp offerings.

Kiersten Bauldry-Williams knows what her customers like, and that’s stamps.

The Jonesville, MI, retail associate learned the importance of stamps when she joined the Postal Service four years ago.

“People from surrounding areas come to Jonesville because of our selection,” Bauldry-Williams says. “We’re a smaller office and the majority of our sales come from stamps.”

USPS encourages employees to promote its stamps, which help the organization satisfy customers and generate revenue.

Bauldry-Williams offers her colleagues three tips:

• Offer a variety. Customers love having a choice. “I enjoy showing them the different kinds of stamps,” she says.

• Think visually. Have all your available stamps on display. “It helps promote stamps they would have never thought we sold.”

• Be enthusiastic. If customers see you’re excited about stamps, they will be excited, too.

Bauldry-Williams also goes the extra mile for customers.

During the holidays, she helped an older woman use to purchase the Nativity stamps, which were released in 2016.

“I like to do things for my customers that keep them coming back,” she says. “They know we’re willing to go above and beyond to make them happy.”

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