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Satisfying customers

On the Job: Employee works with business mail

Oklahoma City Business Mail Technician Jon Rudolph
Oklahoma City Business Mail Technician Jon Rudolph strives to deliver excellent customer service.

My name is Jon Rudolph, and I’m a business mail technician at the Oklahoma City Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU).

A big part of my job is revenue protection. I verify mailings to make sure customers are claiming the correct presort discount. I also have a big role in customer satisfaction. I try to make sure mailers leave the BMEU satisfied with their experience.

My customers range from churches with 200-piece mailings to businesses and organizations with millions and millions of mailpieces. One big customer does 10-million-piece mailings at a time.

I have been with the Postal Service for eight years. I got my first job in Lawton, OK, as a postal support employee. I’ve been in Oklahoma City as a BMEU technician for three years.

The job has changed a lot. Verifications used to be done manually. Nowadays, it is a system where more of the work is electronic.

My wife’s name is Jamie. We’ve been married for two years. We dated for eight years, since high school, and we got married on Leap Year Day. She is working on a master’s degree in psychology and we are planning on building a house this year.

We like to binge-watch Netfix and Hulu. I enjoy football and fencing, and I also like painting tabletop models for board games.

Something I like about working for USPS is there’s always a new challenge, with new tasks and problems to solve. I thrive in that kind of an environment.

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