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Vice president appointed

Bombaugh to lead engineering systems

Engineering Systems VP Scott Bombaugh
Scott Bombaugh has been named engineering systems vice president.

Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan has named Scott Bombaugh engineering systems vice president, a position he previously held on an acting basis.

Bombaugh is responsible for the design, development and deployment of mail processing systems and related software, and retail, delivery and scanning technology.

His responsibilities also include the development of next generation delivery vehicles.

“Scott has a passion for hands-on research, design and engineering work, a vision for engineering systems, and a commitment to develop the organization’s people,” Brennan wrote in a memo announcing the appointment last week.

Bombaugh, who previously served as technology applications and development director, joined the Postal Service as a mechanical engineer in 1988. He later managed groups that included bulk mail systems, package technology and materials handling technology.

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