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Rural Reach Day

Postal Service to mark program’s 10th year

Patty Hess, a rural carrier, stands next to LLV
Patty Hess, a rural carrier at the Frisco, TX, Main Post Office, displays “bling” she received for submitting a lead that produced a $189,800 sale through Rural Reach last year.

The Postal Service will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Rural Reach program on Thursday, Jan. 24.

Rural Reach is a lead generation program for rural letter carriers to submit leads based on conversations they have with business customers.

“The local business development specialist or district sales representative follows up with the customer to try and gain or grow our revenue,” said Mary Anderson, small-business sales director at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC.

Since the program’s inception, it has brought in almost 209,000 leads resulting in $579 million in estimated annualized revenue. Since the current fiscal year began Oct. 1, there have been more than 2,800 leads resulting in $25 million in estimated annualized revenue.

“The program has been very successful, and Rural Reach Day is the day when all rural Post Offices are being thanked for their support of the program and are encouraged to go out and find a new lead,” Anderson said.

The Sales Blue page has more information about Rural Reach and other lead generation programs.

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