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Team fit

Employees participate in wellness challenges

Postal employee Marrinico Vanessa Geter
Marrinico Vanessa Geter, a clerk at the Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta, took 2.1 million steps during Asset Management’s recent wellness challenge.

Getting into shape can be fun, especially when you do it with others.

Asset Management employees across the nation are walking, participating in weight loss challenges and taking other steps to help improve their health.

“It’s about getting people moving,” said Asset Management Manager Tamie Hollar, who supervises more than 430 employees in Atlanta; Washington, DC; Topeka, KS; and the seven asset accountability service centers across the nation.

Hollar launched the wellness initiative last year after forming a committee to develop ideas to help address employees’ needs.

“I wanted to know how we could help with their overall wellness,” she said.

The committee produces publications, hosts events and creates activities that focus on five wellness pillars: health, finances, social connections, career enrichment and safety.

For example, more than 130 Asset Management employees recently completed a nine-week step challenge, recording more than 68.7 million steps.

Marlan Torrens, a Topeka building equipment mechanic who took 2.3 million steps, was the grand prize winner.

“My legs are stronger and my heart is stronger,” said Torrens. “I had to increase my calorie intake, but I focused on eating more healthy food.”

In Atlanta, Mail Recovery Clerk Marrinico Vanessa Geter took 2.1 million steps during the challenge, earning first place in the women’s category.

“When the challenge came up, my son encouraged me to participate,” she said.  “I walked seven days a week. I started out in my neighborhood and then went to the gym once it started getting dark.”

Other wellness initiatives include a six-month weight loss challenge that ends May 1.

The Postal Service encourages managers and supervisors to offer these kinds of programs, part of the organization’s broader focus on engaging employees, a core strategy.

Employees interested in hosting a wellness program in their workplace should send an email to the Health and Wellness team at

Hollar’s advice: “Make sure your employees know you care. Focus on providing tools and techniques to help them develop a quality work/life balance.”

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