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GITT ready

Online tool offers sustainability data

Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day at his computer
Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day uses GITT in his office at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC, recently.

The Postal Service has improved its Green Initiative Tracking Tool (GITT) to provide users with real-time data on sustainability performance metrics at the national, area, district and facility levels.

The tool also helps users plan and track facility-level sustainability projects.

For instance, GITT ranks districts based on recycling revenue, as well as costs for trash removal, facility energy, vehicle fuel, consumables and water. Lean green teams can also use GITT to analyze facility-level data to improve local performance.

GITT is one part of the Postal Service’s overall sustainability efforts, which aim to improve the organization’s operations while protecting the environment.

The Sustainability Blue page has more information about GITT, including tutorials and sample reports, as well as a list of contacts who can help employees learn more about the tool.

Additionally, the latest edition of the Sustainable Facility Update newsletter has a feature article about GITT.

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