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Suspicious activity

Protecting USPS from insider threats

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USPS has introduced an Insider Threat Blue page where employees can learn how to protect the organization’s information.

Postal Service employees and contractors can play a vital role in protecting the organization by identifying potential insider threats.

An insider threat occurs when an individual — such as an employee, contractor or vendor — intentionally or unintentionally misuses his or her access to an organization’s resources to steal information or disrupt operations.

Here are some characteristics of insider threats:

  • Excessive copying or downloading of sensitive materials
  • Unexplained foreign travel
  • Changes in personality or wealth
  • Unauthorized off-hours work
  • Misuse of organizational equipment

Employees and contractors should report suspicious insider activity to the Postal Service Insider Threat Program by sending an email to All reporting will be handled confidentially.

Immediate threats to USPS personnel or equipment should be reported to the Postal Inspection Service by calling 877-876-2455 and selecting option 2.

The Insider Threat Blue page has additional information.

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