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Best Practices: Promoting USPS products, services

Smiling postal retail worker stands at counter holding brochure
Ellenton, FL, Retail Associate Heather Wise keeps a brochure handy to promote Every Door Direct Mail to customers.

Heather Wise’s favorite colors are postal blue and money green.

The Ellenton, FL, retail associate never misses an opportunity to talk to customers about USPS products and services.

One of her favorite subjects: Every Door Direct Mail, a service that allows businesses to send direct mailings to targeted audiences.

“I keep [an Every Door Direct Mail] brochure handy at all times when I’m at the retail window. It has all the information I need to guide and assist business customers,” Wise says.

USPS encourages this kind of behavior. The organization wants employees to promote products and services to customers and help generate revenue.

Here are some of the Postal Service’s tips:

• Be reliable. Whether a customer wants to know how many stamps they need to mail an item or the best shipping method for a business product, employees should have the correct answers.

• Be efficient. To show customers their time is valuable, employees should efficiently communicate their options in a professional, courteous way.

• Be solutions-oriented. Employees must answer customers’ questions and anticipate their needs — even if customers don’t know what to ask.

In addition to delivering excellent service at the retail counter, Wise looks for opportunities to promote USPS products when she’s out and about.

While shopping in a convenience store last year, she ran into representatives from a local political campaign and told them about the advantages of advertising through Every Door Direct Mail. Wise then submitted the lead through the Clerks Care program, generating new revenue for USPS.

The Small Business and Lead Generation Programs Blue page has more information about Clerks Care and similar programs.

Says Wise: “Leads are everywhere.”

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