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Self-service simplicity

Registering travel cards offers multiple benefits

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Registering your travel card on the CitiManager site will allow you to view your account information, statements, balances and more.

If you have a travel card through the Postal Service, you can register the card on the CitiManager site.

This will allow you to view your account information, view statements and balances, update your alerts and perform other self-service tasks.

To register, you’ll need your card number, account name and address. The account name, address and ZIP Code must match exactly what appears on your billing statement.

Here are the steps:

• Go to the CitiManager site. In the New Users section, select “Self Registration for Cardholders.”

• Select the “Fill the Card’s Data” button, then select “Continue.” Enter your 16-digit credit card number in the Card Number field. Make sure you type the card number exactly as it appears on your card with no spaces or dashes.

• In the Account name field, enter the name that appears on your card and select “Continue.” Next, enter your billing address in the Contact Details section and select “Continue.”

• In the Username field, create a username. You must create a username to access your account.

• In the Password field, type and confirm a password that meets the requirements. In the Confirm Password field, re-type the password and select “Continue.”

• Review the information displayed. When you’re finished, select the “Confirm” button.

The TravelHelp Blue page has additional travel resources for employees.

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