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Helping hands

Waukegan, IL, Letter Carrier LaTorre Gardner
Waukegan, IL, Letter Carrier LaTorre Gardner

Letter Carrier LaTorre Gardner was recently delivering mail to a longtime customer in Waukegan, IL, when he noticed that she did not greet him at the front door as usual.

Gardner then heard the woman calling out for help, and as he peered through her picture window, he saw her sprawled out on the floor near her overturned walker.

The Postal Service employee immediately called 911 and alerted the customer’s neighbors and daughter, who soon arrived to unlock the door for emergency responders.

The customer told her rescuers she had been stranded after falling, but she was confident Gardner would be there for her.

“Once I saw your hands in the window, I knew you wouldn’t leave me,” the woman said.

“You are more than a customer,” Gardner assured her. “You are my friend.”

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