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Just say no

Best Practices: Delivering packages with care

Gaffney, MO, Letter Carrier Darius Downer
Gaffney, MO, Letter Carrier Darius Downer says he takes pride in delivering packages carefully.

Darius Downer always says no to the throw.

The Gaffney, MO, letter carrier takes pride in delivering customers’ packages carefully.

“Throwing or tossing packages onto a customer’s property is never acceptable,” Downer says.

USPS encourages employees who deliver mail and packages to do so with care. The organization wants customers to know they can trust the Postal Service to protect their treasures.

By providing excellent service, one of its core strategies, USPS aims to build customer loyalty, grow its package service and generate revenue.

To achieve these goals, the Postal Service offers employees these tips:

• Place packages at the delivery point. Never throw or toss a package.

• Handle packages as if they were your own. Deliver each one with professionalism and courtesy.

• Remember: Customers are watching you. Many homes have security cameras that could capture improper package handling — and that kind of video could go viral on social media or wind up on TV.

Says Downer: “Negative news damages the postal brand. That’s not what we represent. Our customers expect and deserve the best service each and every day.”

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