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Contribution countdown

Annual charity drive ends Jan. 11

Postal Service employee highlights breast cancer awareness
Wanda Proctor, a USPS secretary, highlights breast cancer awareness at a recent CFC event at the Washington Network Distribution Center in Capitol Heights, MD.

Time is running out to make a charitable donation to the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) before the Friday, Jan. 11, deadline.

Postal Service employees across the nation are working to raise awareness of CFC member charities and encourage co-workers to make donations and help USPS “finish strong,” the theme of the final push.

“Through your contributions, you are helping organizations show those in need that they are not alone,” said Kathleen Harper, a human resources program and policy analyst who oversees the Postal Service’s CFC efforts.

The CFC is the federal government’s workplace charity drive. Employees can make donations to more than 8,000 member charities.

USPS wants to raise $6.4 million for the CFC during this cycle, topping the $6.1 million raised last year.

Employees can use a CFC pledge form or the online giving portal to pledge volunteer hours or money to one or more of the member charities.

Individuals who pledge volunteer hours or use a non-payroll pledge option aren’t required to provide their Social Security number.

This cycle’s changes include federal retiree contributions, which are no longer restricted to one-time donations. Retirees can now make recurring pledges using retirement account deductions by going to the online giving portal or by completing a retiree pledge form.

Federal contractors can also make a one-time or recurring donation to CFC, but not with a payroll deduction.

The CFC Blue and LiteBlue pages and the KeepingPosted retiree site have additional details.

Said Harper: “The CFC contribution window is open only for a short time, but the results of what you give can last a lifetime.”

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