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Setting an example

Employee has more than 4,000 hours of sick leave

New York Letter Carrier Anthony Puccio
Anthony Puccio, a New York City letter carrier, recently marked 60 years as a postal employee.

Anthony Puccio has reached two impressive career milestones with USPS.

The New York City letter carrier marked 60 years as a postal employee in December. He’s also on track to soon have almost 4,200 hours of accumulated sick leave.

“I’ve been blessed with relatively good health,” said Puccio, who only uses his leave when he’s ill.

He’s been careful not to fall into bad routines.

“There were mornings I didn’t feel like coming in, but I told myself not to get into that habit because it’s contagious,” he said.

Puccio has served the same route — a nine-building housing development in East Harlem — for his entire career.

“I’ve had opportunities to advance, but I felt I could do more good being in the streets,” he said.

Puccio said he encourages his co-workers to also be mindful of their attendance.

“When the new ones come in, I tell them to think about their retirement now,” he said, adding that he has “seen a lot of people abuse their sick leave, and when something happens, they have no time.”

Colleagues appreciate Puccio’s work ethic.

“He is at work like clockwork — every day at 5 a.m.,” said Customer Services Supervisor Madeline Biaggi. “He always instills knowledge to all the carriers and myself as well.”

Puccio said there’s a key to success at the Postal Service.

“You have to enjoy what you’re doing,” he said.

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