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Got your back

Clarkston, MI, Carrier Technician Marianna Weissenborn, left, who received help from Retail Associate Ebony Turonek

This year brought many stories of Postal Service employees who were there for each other in difficult moments.

Phoenix Mail Processing Clerk Corrine Slater; Nashville, TN, Maintenance Mechanic Christopher Scott; and Clarkston, MI, Retail Associate Ebony Turonek were among those who performed the Heimlich maneuver on colleagues who were choking.

Worcester, MA, Mail Processing Clerk Michael Kuszewski provided critical first aid to a co-worker who was bleeding profusely after collapsing.

Newburyport, MA, Customer Services Supervisor Richard Zambella performed CPR on an ill co-worker — timely assistance that emergency responders credited with saving the man’s life.

After an Orlando, FL, letter carrier experienced symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, Carrier Technician Eulogio Soto Jr. and Customer Services Manager Armando Lozano Jr. provided first aid and encouraged the man to take an ambulance to a hospital. It was soon determined that a dire outcome had been averted by only 30 minutes.

New York Postal Police Officer Hoon Lee put his recent CPR/AED training to good use when he used an automatic external defibrillator to revive a letter carrier who had collapsed at a Post Office in Times Square.

Oakland, CA, Tractor Trailer Operator Rickey Thompson was driving an employee shuttle when gunfire erupted outside a public transit station. He assured a terrified passenger he would keep her safe, and he alerted bystanders as he maneuvered away from the scene.

“My whole family will forever be indebted to him for his heroic deed,” Thompson’s colleague said.

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