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Crime fighters

Chino, CA, Letter Carrier Antonio Colon
Chino, CA, Letter Carrier Antonio Colon

Postal Service employees were recognized throughout 2018 for heroic responses to criminal activity.

Delphos, OH, Letter Carrier Nicholas Coil protected a teenage girl fleeing domestic violence, while Springfield, MA, Letter Carrier Garrett Smola defended a retired doctor who was being mugged.

Chino, CA, Letter Carrier Antonio Colon, who aided a 90-year-old customer during an attempted assault, was named a regional hero of the year by the National Association of Letter Carriers.

Encino, CA, Letter Carrier Susan Dragicevich; Angier, NC, Rural Carrier Julia Norman; and Oakland, CA, Letter Carrier Nestor Quilates were among those who made a difference when they saw evidence of home burglaries.

Buffalo, NY, Letter Carrier Kevin Westphal and Agency, MO, Rural Carrier Joel Woodward were alert to signs of package theft on their routes.

Other employees noticed signs of trouble inside Post Offices.

Claremont, NH, Retail Associate Eileen Flannery helped save an older scam victim from losing over $18,000.

Caneyville, KY, Retail Associate Karie Priddy and Bee Springs, KY, Postal Support Employee Kathy Miller acted on their concerns about suspicious debit card activity, leading to the arrest of three suspects.

Outside of work, Los Angeles Letter Carrier Gilbert Segovia and Lakewood, CA, Letter Carrier Paul Gallegos Sr. were among those who bravely helped others during the Las Vegas Strip massacre.

“It was nothing about being a hero, it was more about being human,” Segovia said.

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