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Portland pride

Video showcases engagement in Oregon

The latest episode of “Engage” takes employees behind the scenes of the new Portland, OR, Processing and Distribution Center.

Postal Service managers explain how the facility brings together operations from three previous locations, helping USPS operate more efficiently in Portland District.

The managers also discuss the logistical challenges of bringing more than 1,000 employees from different facilities together under one roof, including the importance of workplace communication.

“The key … was not only communicating what our vision was, but [it also] was to listen to [employees] and hear what their concerns were,” says Portland District Manager Bill Schwartz.

To improve communication in the facility, managers have introduced digital boards that display safety information, videos and other messages.

Additionally, management also organized a day where employees could bring their spouses and children to see the new workplace.

Roger Ramirez, a mail handler, recalls buying his young son a postal shirt to wear to the event.

“I was really excited,” he says.

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