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Nina Jones, Westland, MI

Westland, MI, Retail Associate Nina Jones

A Detroit NBC station recently opened a news report with these words: “A U.S. Postal Service employee is reminding us you don’t have to have a heroic job to help your neighbors.”

They were referring to Retail Associate Nina Jones, who came to the aid of an 87-year-old customer at the Westland, MI, Post Office who was visibly anxious over the prospect of mailing a $4,000 cashier’s check to an address out of state.

Jones asked several questions and learned that an apparent scammer had been threatening to harm the woman if she didn’t send the money.

Jones advised her to keep her funds and contact her bank, police, the Postal Inspection Service and her two children, whom the woman had been too embarrassed to tell about the situation.

The Postal Service employee comforted the customer and assured her she was not to blame.

Jones also followed up with the woman’s son, who later contacted the Post Office to express his gratitude.

“Nina was the key factor in protecting this customer and her savings, and in bringing awareness to her family,” said local Customer Services Supervisor Lisa Tucker.

“I’m not a hero,” Jones told the TV station. “I was just taking care of our customers.”

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