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Shoring straps, holiday operations and more

Broken shoring straps
If you have broken shoring straps, the Postal Service wants to know about it.

Got straps? The Postal Service is working to find replacements for shoring straps that have broken metal buckles or are no longer usable.

In the interim, the organization is selling some straps through a surplus government equipment auction site.

Managers at processing plants, network distribution centers and other facilities that have large quantities of broken shoring straps should email Hillward Moore, an inventory control specialist, or Virginia Moderow, a sustainability project integration specialist, who can help USPS sell these straps.

The USPS Material Distribution Center provides these straps under number 0182 Strap, Shoring Assy, OA LG 144. The supplier part number is 5340030009382.

For additional information, managers can contact their local asset accountability service center.

Holiday operations. The Postal Service is providing general operating policy and planning guidance for the Christmas Day and New Year’s Day holidays on Tuesday, Dec. 25, and Tuesday, Jan. 1, respectively.

A new memo, available on Blue, explains guidelines for delivery, retail, processing and logistics operations.

Semiannual report. The Office of Inspector General (OIG) completed 1,577 investigations during the six-month period that ended Sept. 30.

These investigations led to 400 arrests and almost $72.8 million in fines, restitutions and recoveries. This amount includes $37.2 million that was returned to the Postal Service.

The data is included in the OIG’s latest Semiannual Report to Congress, which notes USPS accepted 75 percent of the agency’s recommendations during the six-month period.

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