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Chris Metropulos, Ashland, WI

Ashland, WI, Letter Carrier Chris Metropulos
Ashland, WI, Letter Carrier Chris Metropulos

Letter Carrier Chris Metropulos was recently delivering mail in an Ashland, WI, neighborhood when an explosion ripped through a house, leaving a 29-year-old woman screaming for help from a second-floor window.

As a blaze spread quickly, Metropulos enlisted the help of a customer at the delivery address and rushed to the scene, where they assured the woman they would catch her.

After dangling precariously from the ledge, the woman fell safely into their arms as flames burst out of the window.

Emergency responders soon arrived to battle the fire and treat the woman and a 41-year-old man, both of whom suffered burns in the incident.

The Ashland Daily Press reported that area residents had complained of illicit drug activity at the site and that numerous individuals fled the scene following the explosion.

“Chris is proud of his actions in helping save a life, and we at the Ashland Post Office are proud of him as well,” said Customer Services Supervisor Jeffrey Uitto.

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