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Employee uses mail to find lost cat

Mark Janda and his cat Buzz
Northland District Marketing Manager Mark Janda and his cat Buzz, who recently returned home with help from Every Door Direct Mail.

A USPS employee in Minneapolis recently turned to a familiar postal product to find his lost cat: Every Door Direct Mail.

Mark Janda, Northland District’s marketing manager, and his family spent several frantic days searching for their pet Buzz, who had disappeared somewhere in the neighborhood.

The furry feline might never have been found if Janda hadn’t used Every Door Direct Mail to distribute a mailpiece with Buzz’s photo, description and the family’s contact information.

“That got his picture and story into all of the homes in the neighborhood, not just those neighbors I talked to personally,” Janda said. “There are about 550 deliveries on the route, and my mailing generated probably 10 leads.”

One neighbor found Buzz, and because of the mailing, knew how to reunite the cat with Janda.

The postal employee is thankful to the neighbor, as well as co-worker Dan Mooney, the district’s retail manager, who came up with the idea of using Every Door Direct Mail in the first place.

“As he and I talked about the situation it dawned on me that … Every Door Direct Mail would be a great opportunity to target his neighborhood with a picture or two of Buzz with contact information,” Mooney said. “He could make up the flier himself and it would be a quick, inexpensive way to get the word out.”

Janda sees Buzz’s return as another Every Door Direct Mail success story.

“It may have happened anyway, but to my mind, Every Door Direct Mail made the difference, and that makes my wife and me very happy,” Janda said.

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