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Antonio Walker, Milwaukee

Milwaukee Custodian Antonio Walker
Milwaukee Custodian Antonio Walker

Custodian Antonio Walker was recently working outside a postal facility in Milwaukee when he spotted a teenage girl in distress.

The girl, who was walking home from school, was being followed and verbally harassed by a man.

Walker safely intervened by advising the man to leave the girl the alone.

The Postal Service employee calmed the girl, then shared words of advice: “If you ever feel scared or uncomfortable in the neighborhood, you should come to the Post Office. It is always a safe place.”

The girl’s mother later contacted the branch to thank Walker for his assistance.

“Tony is a dedicated employee who has demonstrated his ability to go above and beyond to ensure the safety of others in the community, and he has certainly placed the Post Office in high regard for these customers,” said local Customer Services Manager Joseph Canning.

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