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For Maddox

Terminally ill teen wants cards for Christmas

Requesting cards
A Pennsylvania boy who is terminally ill is requesting cards in the mail for his final Christmas.

Maddox Hyde wants greeting cards to help celebrate what will likely be his final Christmas.

The 14-year-old Reynoldsville, PA, resident has cancer and doctors have given him weeks to live.

The teen’s middle school and community have held fundraisers to help Maddox and his family, including one that fulfilled the teen’s wish to visit Hawaii.

Maddox has one last request — to receive Christmas cards. Hundreds of well-wishers have already penned notes to the ailing teen.

“It is really cool to see how many people are sending them,” Maddox told WJAC-TV. “It makes me happy.”

Reading the cards, Maddox said, makes his battle “a little easier.”

Maddox’s mother, Kristi Potter, told Centre Times Daily that her son is no longer in treatment as his cancer spreads, and that he’s at home as he “lives his final weeks.”

News outlets have published the address for those who wish to send cards to Maddox: 333 Ohio Street, Reynoldsville, PA, 15851.

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