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Blessed event

Video highlights Madonna and Child stamp ceremony

In a new video, the Postal Service shares highlights from the recent Madonna and Child by Bachiacca stamp dedication ceremony in Santa Fe, NM.

The stamp features an Italian Renaissance portrait of the Virgin Mary embracing Jesus. Francesco d’Ubertino Verdi, also known as Bachiacca, painted the image in the 1520s.

Customer Experience Vice President Kelly Sigmon, who led the dedication ceremony, discusses the stamp’s importance in the video.

“When you receive a letter or a card or package this holiday season, the stamp you use will hold special meaning to the [person] who sent it to you. That’s why, for more than 50 years, the Postal Service has released stamps to help customers celebrate Christmas,” Sigmon says.

The 1-minute video also includes comments from Andrew Connors, director of the Albuquerque Museum, which hosted the ceremony.

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