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On the job: Cleveland Consumer Affairs Representative Dell Young

Cleveland Consumer Affairs Representative Dell Young
Cleveland Consumer Affairs Representative Dell Young helps USPS resolve customer complaints.

I work inside the Cleveland Main Post Office, where my job is to resolve customer complaints and concerns. Eastern Area customers are referred to me when others are unable to provide them the answers they need.

My day starts with receiving the cases I’ve been assigned. I then contact the customers to learn more information so I can contact the appropriate employees and postal facilities for answers. I work to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

For example, I might receive a complaint that a customer’s mail isn’t being forwarded to a new address as requested. If I determine that an incorrect address was entered into the system, I fix it and ensure the change-of-address team receives the correct information.

We have another department here called Loose in the Mail. Items like checks and passports that come out of improperly secured packages end up there, and I work with this team from time to time to return those items to customers.

I handle other complaints like missing and damaged packages and delivery issues like mail not being placed in the correct box.

I’ve been with USPS for 38 years, and I’ve had this job for 22 years. Years ago, we had to manually type customer complaints on cards that were then sent to a central location for reporting purposes. We followed up with customers the same way we do now, but the process took much longer.

I work with four other consumer affairs representatives and we’re getting ready for the busiest time of the year, the holidays. I typically assist 10-15 customers each day through Enterprise Customer Care and answer around 20 calls from customers and facilities. We also have walk-in customers who meet with us about their concerns.

I’m also Mrs. Claus for our local Operation Santa program where we work with customers who wish to purchase items from children’s letters to Santa. I have participated in the program for 15 years.

When I’m not working, I enjoy knitting. My favorite things to knit are sweaters and baby layettes. I’ve also completed several queen-sized afghans.

I have three adult children, one in Cleveland and two in California. I also have five grandchildren. I travel to California twice a year to spend time with them.

I contribute to the Postal Service’s mission by giving the best customer service possible. I show customers the good side of USPS. We can’t please everyone all the time, but we do a pretty good job trying.

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