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A-PLUS events highlight career advice

Two attendees speaking at A-PLUS conference
Atlanta Postmaster Ashlea Meyer speaks with Jackson, MS, Maintenance Mechanic John Moss at a recent A-PLUS regional career conference.

Postal Service employees recently received advice on advancing their careers at conferences organized by African-American Postal League United for Success (A-PLUS).

More than 125 employees attended a conference in Greensboro, NC, where they heard from more than 20 postal executives, including Eastern Area Vice President Joshua Colin and Capital Metro Area Vice President Linda Malone.

“Our theme was ‘Breaking Barriers to Become Leaders for Change,’ which speaks to what all our aspiring leaders should be considering for their careers in the Postal Service,” said Bobby Shaw, who is Richmond District’s Post Office operations manager and A-PLUS’s eastern region president.

The event featured Lean Six Sigma training, a roundtable discussion and advice on delivering effective “elevator speeches,” short speeches employees can use to tout their skills to hiring managers.

“The conference aimed to challenge its participants to embrace [the Postal Service’s] mission for themselves. The executives and managers who came really supported it,” Shaw said.

Another event, held in Atlanta, drew about 160 participants, including Atlanta Postmaster Ashlea Meyer, Atlanta District Manager Samuel Jaudon, Human Resources Manager Robert Brown and James Mitchell, who is A-PLUS’s southern region president.

A-PLUS mentors African-Americans employees and others seeking career advice and advancement within the Postal Service. Membership in the group is voluntary.

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