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Catalogs still important, site reports

Catalogs still matter
Catalogs still matter, even in the online age, a news site reports.

Print catalogs are still important in the age of online shopping, the news site Digiday reported recently.

Catalogs offer “an incredible opportunity to deliver a rich, tactile shopping experience to our customers,” Bob Sherwin, a marketing executive for Wayfair, an online furniture retailer, told the site.

Wayfair uses sales data and other information to send catalogs to “high-value target customers,” Sherwin said.

Other fast-growing online retailers such as Everlane and Bonobos have also found they can drive more online sales by mailing print catalogs to consumers.

“It sounds kind of counterintuitive that we’re finding return on … mail, but that’s how crowded digital has become,” said Ryan Babenzien, founder of Greats, a shoe retailer. “[Online has] become so noisy, it doesn’t have the efficacy that it used to.”

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