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Employees to receive holiday mailpiece

“Santa Counts on You" mailer
USPS is sending employees “Santa Counts on You,” a mailer that highlights their important role during the holidays.

The Postal Service is using the mail to help employees get in the holiday spirit.

The organization is sending employees a direct mailpiece that highlights the important role they play during the holiday season.

“You help Santa deliver to millions of homes. He may get all the credit, but he couldn’t do it without you,” the piece states.

The “Santa Counts on You” mailer includes factoids about this year’s holiday efforts, such as the number of packages USPS expects to deliver, as well as tips on how employees can show their postal pride and deliver excellent customer experiences.

The piece also features a QR code that employees can use to access the USPS Holiday 2018 site, where they can preview upcoming TV and radio ads, social media posts, retail signage and more.

USPS will send the mailer during the week of Nov. 5.

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