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Best practices: Accurate scanning

Letter carrier scans package while seated inside delivery vehicle
Fort Pierce, FL, Letter Carrier Myron Wilson simulates scanning a package. Employees are required to follow proper procedures when actually operating USPS vehicles.

Myron Wilson believes accurate scanning is one of the most important responsibilities of his job.

“Customers want to track their packages on They want to know when it’s going to be delivered,” the Fort Pierce, FL, letter carrier says.

This makes accurate scanning an important part of the Postal Service’s efforts to improve customers’ experiences, a core strategy.

“It’s really interesting because there’s a lot more going on now than there was when I began my career,” says Wilson, a 30-year employee who previously worked at Post Offices in Texas and California.

Wilson offers fellow employees three tips when it comes to scanning:

• Scan accurately. Make sure you scan packages at the right time and at the correct location. For example, don’t scan a parcel as “delivered” until it has actually been delivered.

• Pay attention. Scanning barcodes aren’t always on the front of packages, so you might have to look for them.

• Deliver correctly. To avoid misdeliveries, double check address numbers, street names and recipients’ names.

Says Wilson: “You don’t have to have a Ph.D. to do this. You just have to stay focused.”

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