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USPS among most admired employers

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USPS ranks fifth on a new list of admired employers.

The Postal Service has tied for fifth place in a ranking of the 15 most admired employers that was compiled by Morning Consult, a market research company based in Washington, DC.

USPS shared the fifth-place slot with chocolate-maker Hershey and video-streaming service Netflix, with 57 percent of those surveyed saying they would be proud to work at the Postal Service and the two companies.

Tech giants Google and Amazon shared the first-place slot, scoring 60 percent. Another tech giant, Microsoft, landed third on the list, with a score of 59 percent. Entertainment and media company Walt Disney was fourth, with a score of 58 percent.

The other companies in the top 15 rankings, which Morning Consult released last week, are Samsung Electronics (56 percent), FedEx (55 percent), Sony (55 percent), UPS (55 percent), YouTube (55 percent), Coca-Cola (54 percent), Universal Studios (54 percent) and National Geographic (53 percent).

This is the latest survey or study that measures esteem for USPS.

In a Gallup poll this year, consumers ranked the Postal Service first in job performance among government agencies. Other surveys in recent years have named USPS a national leader in employing veterans and providing opportunities for multicultural businesses.

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