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Brawny brain

How do you exercise your mind?

Woman solving a puzzle
Keeping your mind active helps keep your brain healthy, experts say.

When people think about being healthy, their attention often turns to exercise and other forms of physical health that offer readily visible results. But have you ever thought how to keep your brain healthy?

More than 16 million adults ages 18 and older live with some form of cognitive impairment, including trouble remembering things, planning, concentrating and making decisions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended techniques to ward off chronic diseases like heart disease or diabetes are also remedies that can be used to build a healthier brain.

Here are some tips:

• Keep your mind active. Learn new things, be social and play brain puzzles.

• Protect your head from injuries. Wear a helmet during activities like biking or skiing and always buckle your seat belt.

• Be physically active. Also: Eat a balanced diet.

• Maintain a healthy heart. Quit smoking, reduce sodium intake and drink alcohol less.

The Wellness LiteBlue page and CFC site also have information on brain health.

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