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New fleet fuel cards on the way

Postal Service vans in parking lot
USPA vehicle maintenance facilities will soon receive new fleet fuel payment cards.

Some Postal Service facilities will soon receive new fleet fuel payment cards through GSA SmartPay, a federal program that provides charge cards to U.S. government agencies.

The new GSA SmartPay 3 Voyager cards will replace the current SmartPay 2 Voyager cards.

Vehicle maintenance facility (VMF) managers will begin to receive the new cards around Nov. 5. The current cards will expire Nov. 29, and the new cards will become active Nov. 30.

To prepare for the transition, the Postal Service wants site managers and VMF managers to:

  • Review and validate your account information and settings
  • Keep account reconciliations up to date
  • Ensure timely submission of disputed transactions through the Fuel Asset Management System (FAMS)
  • Review and update your employee personal identification numbers list

During the transition period, online training will be provided for employees who use the cards.

U.S. Bank manages the Voyager cards under the General Services Administration’s SmartPay program.

For additional information, email the USPS fleet card program office at

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