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Statehood stamp, postal pet awards

Jimmy “Duck” Holmes
Jimmy “Duck” Holmes performs last year during the Mississippi Statehood stamp dedication ceremony.

Stamp of approval. The Postal Service’s Mississippi Statehood stamp, released last year, has been recognized as the most popular music stamp of 2017.

Motivgruppe Musik, an international group of music philatelists, awarded stamp designer Greg Breeding with the 2018 Yehudi Menuhin Trophy this month after the stamp topped the group’s annual poll.

Mississippi Statehood, which features the guitar-playing hands of blues singer Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, honors the state’s 200th anniversary and its rich blues legacy.

The stamp is available on

Postal pooch. Halloween went to the dogs this year for one Postal Service employee.

Nancy Klein, an administrative assistant at the Rochester, NY, Processing and Distribution Center, entered her 9-year-old pug, Max, in a local costume contest — and he was one of the winners.

Klein dressed Max in a child’s postal uniform and outfitted his stroller to look like an LLV — complete with working headlights.

“He was a hit. Everyone was taking his picture and telling me how awesome he looked,” Klein said.

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